Drugs are bad m’kay

On Monday i bought a packet of cigarettes.


I hear you saying “BFD people buy packets of cigarettes every day”


The problem with this purchase is that I gave up smoking almost two years ago.


Last night I was standing in the rain smoking a cigarette and feeling very disappointed in myself and I got to thinking about how far my life has come that I am cross at the act of smoking a cigarette.  Six years ago cigarettes were part and parcel of my day to day life.  I needed cigarettes to “pin” my marijuana with.  I would get out the shotglass, add two big buds, chop them to a tobacco consistency, add the contents of a cigarette and chop it all up to a nice mix.  Then into the cone piece it when and I would smoke it up royal.

It is nothing to be proud of – but I was a pretty fast at chopping up.  I had that much practise.


If you look at it, my ex and I smoked $400 worth of weed a week.  Multiply that by 52 weeks of the year and four years and you get $83 000.  That is a sizeable deposit on a house.  I don’t understand how we justified that kind of expense every week.  We both had jobs that paid a fair wage – but imagine what we could have done with that cash?!?  How does anyone justify it? I know that our abuse is small scale compared to some – but to me it was way too much.  The hours spent waiting for our dealer, the nights spent stoned in front of the Tv, the weekends spent in a stupor, the brain cells that have permanently gone on vacation.  All of it for no gain whatsoever.


I hope I can educate my son on everything I have learned about using drugs.  It is understandable that he will probably be as curious as me.  I would be idealistic to think he will never try them.  But I hope he is able to talk to me about it so he can avoid going down the path I went.


~ by abstarini on April 18, 2012.

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