You have to wonder who your friends are sometimes

Today I got knocked for six again.


After spedning the week talking via email to Cam and having him reassure me that he is not seeing this girl, I was talking to a mutual friend about how sad I am about the whole situation.


This friend was kind enough to inform me that he is indeed seeing her and is quite serious about it.


Ouch x a million.


Now this friend knew that would hurt me deeply and the way they told me was really unkind.  But I know they were doing it because they are sick of Cam hurting me like this.


Now Cam supposedly wants to be my friend but he can’t tell me the truth about what is going on with his life?!?! Where is the respect.  I am left feeling like an absolute fool.


How many times do I swallow this guys lies before I walk away?


Why can’t I stop loving him?


~ by abstarini on April 22, 2012.

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